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Office work can be hazardous, lead to workers' compensation claim

When one thinks of dangerous jobs that can cause illness or injury, the typical office environment may not seem too hazardous. However, a recent report highlighted several hazards that could eventually lead to a workers' compensation claim. Since so many hold office positions in North Carolina, the following information may be beneficial.

The report listed several seemingly minor issues that could have a negative impact on one's health and well-being. Some of these include the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods at a desk which may lead to an increased risk of damage to the muscles and skeletal systems. Sitting in one place may also increase one's chances of developing diabetes and kidney disease. Working prolonged or unusual hours can also cause fatigue, harmful stress and increased cardiovascular problems. 

Other factors that may impact office workers' health is heavy exposure to printers and other equipment as the particles can cause lung irritation leading to illness. Additionally, repetitive hand and wrist motions such as are required when using computers or similar electronics often causes carpel tunnel syndrome as well as hand and arm weaknesses. Even excessively tedious tasks were implicated in rising stress levels which in turn lead to decreased ability to fight off germs and infections.

Many other dangers were highlighted, most of which would be felt over the long-term as opposed to a sudden, traumatic event. Regardless, those employed in office settings in North Carolina may benefit from paying close attention to signals from their body that might suggest there is a health issue requiring medical treatment; indeed, a worker may discover that a serious medical problem can be traced one's employment. Such an illness or physical injury may entitle one to file a claim for workers' compensation, especially if the illness causes temporary or even longer-term disability. There are knowledgeable resources throughout the state that are available to assist in these claims.

Source:, "22 ways your office job is destroying your body", Jacquelyn Smith, Oct. 1, 2014

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