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Groups allege immigrant discrimination over lost healthcare

Two separate groups advocating for the rights of others lodged a complaint regarding the denial of healthcare benefits. These groups assert that the government engaged in immigrant discrimination by dropping 115,000 people from the Affordable Care Act. North Carolina immigrants may also be affected by these important issues.

Those affected apparently lost their coverage at the end of September. The government claims that multiple attempts were made to notify these individuals that they were in danger of losing their healthcare subsidies. The reason cited for the decision to discontinue the benefits was reportedly missing documentation concerning immigration status. The government notes that notices were sent through the postal service, email and by telephone.

Several issues were raised. First, the notifications were apparently only offered in English or Spanish, which many of those affected do not understand. Secondly, many of the individuals dropped say that they submitted the required information -- some stated they submitted it multiple times -- over the agency's website. However, glitches in the system reportedly led to the information never being received. Lastly, many of the affected persons are apparently elderly or otherwise disabled and may not have understood the seriousness of the notifications.

The government offered those who were dropped an opportunity to reapply for the program ahead of the official enrollment in November. However, concern exists that even this message is not getting to those for whom it is intended. It remains to be seen how this immigrant discrimination accusation will be resolved. North Carolina immigrants whose healthcare coverage may be in jeopardy can turn to local professional resources to seek a favorable resolution.

Source:, "Immigrants Kicked Off Obamacare Now Suing Over Discrimination", Sarah Hurtubise, Oct. 3, 2014

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