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FedEx driver killed in job-related accident, possible brake issue

Those employed in the fast-paced parcel delivery business may not worry about the safety of their vehicles on a daily basis. However, the importance of a well-maintained fleet cannot be overestimated in order to prevent a job-related accident. These businesses operate in almost every state, including in North Carolina. After a recent accident, the trucks and vans may get a closer look.

One 52-year-old FedEx employee had just made a stop at a private residence when something went wrong. While details are not known, the driver wound up crushed between the home and his vehicle. Officials suggested that there may have been a mechanical problem with the truck's brakes.

Investigators have not completed the report, but they have stated that it appears there was a malfunction in the vehicle's braking mechanism that contributed to the fatal accident. There was no further information concerning what other causes may have been involved. It is not known if the building sustained damage as well.

FedEx officials have not commented beyond an expression of condolence to the victim's family and that the investigation is ongoing. The family of the man killed in this job-related accident will likely be entitled to receive death benefits from the workers' compensation program in the victim's state. North Carolina workers have access to their own benefits program in the event they suffer an injury or illness while on the job. Help is available to file these claims and to pursue the full measure of benefits due after a workplace accident.

Source:, "Investigation into fatal FedEx truck accident reveals possible brake defect", , Sept. 15, 2014

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