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Deportation policies leave families devastated

Thousands of families live in fear of having their undocumented status used against them. Everyday, a family is ripped apart when the husbands and fathers who are providing for their loved ones are arrested and threatened with deportation. There are likely families living here in North Carolina who are struggling to cope with similar fears.

One such family recently shared their struggles to get by when the husband was detained in a local detention facility. He has been there since Dec. 2013 when he was taken into custody one morning as he was driving to work. He had allegedly been found in violation of immigration laws previously. His wife, who is also undocumented, is currently struggling to provide for the couple's three children on her own.

This family is not alone. Every year, thousands of husbands and fathers are deported to their home countries -- often leaving the mothers to provide for children on their own. While some do elect to voluntary return to their native countries, many choose to fight to stay because they cannot provide an adequate living for their families there. This particular husband recently appealed his denial for asylum. He is hopeful that the courts may consider his role as family provider and approve a stay of his removal order.

The man's counsel stated that the court's immigration decision will be based mainly on subjective criteria and it could rule either way. For now, this family is likely waiting with trepidation to learn the fate of the father. North Carolina families may also face this unsettling scenario with regard to the fear of deportation. There are professional resources skilled in navigating current immigration laws who may be able to provide assistance to families who are struggling and unsure of their current legal rights.  

Source:, "Immigrant families torn by detentions", Monsy Alvarado, Oct. 19, 2014

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