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Deaths from work-related injuries decreased slightly in 2013

Every worker in North Carolina and beyond may worry about suffering a serious accident on the job. This is a valid concern as many people miss time or even die from work-related injuries every year. However, there was some good news released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics concerning the previous year.

According to the most recent report concerning workplace fatalities, the number of employees who died on the job was down 223 from 2012. This means that the number of fatal accidents fell below 4,500. While the final report will not be issued until Spring of 2015, the numbers are an improvement over the past several years, which had reflected an increase over previous figures. 

While the overall fatality numbers for private businesses were less, some of the numbers for certain ethnic workers rose. Hispanic and Latino worker deaths rose by 7 percent. Younger workers suffered fewer deaths while the 25 to 34 age group saw a slight increase. Workers identified as contractors also suffered slightly more fatal accidents. Additionally, workplace suicides were up but homicides decreased.

The report also reflected a higher number of firefighters killed on the job in 2013 due in part to numerous wildfires, while those who are self-employed saw a decrease in deaths. Despite some concerns, the overall picture for workplace safety has posted the best figures since 1992. North Carolina workers who have suffered work-related injuries do have recourse to the workers' compensation insurance program to receive financial assistance until one is able to return to work. This program also provides death benefits to the survivors of those who died on the job. If one has difficulties obtaining the benefits to which one is entitled, there are experienced resources who can provide guidance during the process.

Source:, "Work-related injuries drop below 4,500 for 2013", , Sept. 29, 2014

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