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October 2014 Archives

Deportation policies leave families devastated

Thousands of families live in fear of having their undocumented status used against them. Everyday, a family is ripped apart when the husbands and fathers who are providing for their loved ones are arrested and threatened with deportation. There are likely families living here in North Carolina who are struggling to cope with similar fears.

What is required to become a naturalized U.S. citizen?

You made the commitment to forsake all you were familiar with in order to pursue your dreams of a better life here in North Carolina. Now that you made the journey to come to America, you may also wish to one day become a naturalized U.S. citizen. It may be helpful to review the necessary requirements to apply for citizenship?

Family asks OSHA for steeper fines for fatal job-related accident

In 2012, a family lost their beloved 20-year-old son when he was killed on the job. OSHA initially fined the company for five violations -- two of which were dismissed -- and the proposed fines were negotiated down from $13,860. The man's family was outraged that a company could pay less than $7,000 for a fatal job-related accident. The fatality did not occur in North Carolina, but there may be families here who have endured a similar situation.

Many calling for government to approve certain family petitions

According to advocacy agencies, government officials pledged to provide needed assistance to immigration hopefuls from Haiti. Years after promises to take action on these particular family petitions, many with relatives on the island nation are still awaiting meaningful decisions to aid their loved ones. There may be families residing in North Carolina also hoping for action for their Haitian relatives.

Some question if workers' compensation will cover Ebola infection

In light of the troubling news reports concerning the number of health care providers becoming infected with Ebola, many may wonder if they can be compensated for lost time and their own medical expenses should they become ill. However, at this time, it may be unknown if workers' compensation would cover any worker sickened by this dreaded fever. While there are no reports of the disease in North Carolina, many doctors, nurses and aides may be worrying about the possibility of getting sick.

Deaths from work-related injuries decreased slightly in 2013

Every worker in North Carolina and beyond may worry about suffering a serious accident on the job. This is a valid concern as many people miss time or even die from work-related injuries every year. However, there was some good news released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics concerning the previous year.

The steps and requirements for applying for a temporary visa

There are several reasons why a citizen of another country may desire to come to the U.S. on a limited basis. Many wish to apply for a temporary visa for business, a family visit, pleasure or possibly a combination of reasons. North Carolina residents may already be generally familiar with the process but are seeking current information for others.

Groups allege immigrant discrimination over lost healthcare

Two separate groups advocating for the rights of others lodged a complaint regarding the denial of healthcare benefits. These groups assert that the government engaged in immigrant discrimination by dropping 115,000 people from the Affordable Care Act. North Carolina immigrants may also be affected by these important issues.

Lottery open for those who hope to be a green card holder

Some 50,000 visas are awarded through a lottery program held by the U.S. State Department every year. Those lucky few who are selected at random then have the opportunity to complete the process to become a green card holder. North Carolina may be home to many who came here through this process.

Widow seeking more than workers' compensation after husband died

In most situations, when a North Carolina worker contracts a potentially fatal illness through their employment, they file a claim for benefits through the workers' compensation insurance program. In some instances, the victim or surviving family members may believe that state-regulated workers' compensation benefits are not the only possible legal remedy, for various reasons. One woman has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to permit her to sue her husband's former employer for his illness under a federal law known as the Jones Act.

Office work can be hazardous, lead to workers' compensation claim

When one thinks of dangerous jobs that can cause illness or injury, the typical office environment may not seem too hazardous. However, a recent report highlighted several hazards that could eventually lead to a workers' compensation claim. Since so many hold office positions in North Carolina, the following information may be beneficial.

Some lawmakers threaten to repeal Dream Act next year

For thousands of immigrant children, the dream of a college education and a brighter future may have pushed them to excel in their school work. However, many of these aspirations went unrealized when their lack of documentation meant that a college education was either too expensive or unattainable due to their immigration status. However, many states went on to pass a version of the DREAM Act that allowed students to qualify for in-state tuition rates if they met certain requirements. There may be families in North Carolina that have benefited from this legislation.

FedEx driver killed in job-related accident, possible brake issue

Those employed in the fast-paced parcel delivery business may not worry about the safety of their vehicles on a daily basis. However, the importance of a well-maintained fleet cannot be overestimated in order to prevent a job-related accident. These businesses operate in almost every state, including in North Carolina. After a recent accident, the trucks and vans may get a closer look.