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What to do if you are facing deportation on immigration violation

Risking everything you have to start over in an unfamiliar country may be the bravest thing you can undertake. Understandably, the complexities of the immigration laws in this country can lead to you finding yourself on the wrong side of the rules and now facing deportation. At this time, you need experienced and knowledgeable resources within North Carolina who can unravel the red tape and help find the best solution.

There can be many scenarios that may lead to immigration officials filing an order of removal against an immigrant. There may have been a mix-up in the filing of documents or even a missed deadline that was honestly overlooked. Other situations could include allegations of a criminal nature or accusations that one was engaged in aiding a loved one to enter the country without the required documentation.

It may help to ease anxieties in these circumstances to remember that you do not have to resign yourself to being deported. The right representative can assist you in working your way through the system in order to try to resolve the matter in such a way that you are able to pursue your dreams of residing in North Carolina for the foreseeable future. There are options that may allow you to either remain in the U.S. or possibly enable you to return in the future without being denied entry, as can happen with a forced removal.

In some cases, if an immigrant offers to voluntarily leave, then one is often permitted to seek re-entry at a later date. If you are currently facing a situation where you have been ordered to face deportation, or if you are concerned that you may find yourself in this situation, it is imperative that you do not delay in seeking help. Please feel free to explore our website here in order to see how our practice may be of assistance to you in this confusing and unsettling time.

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