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Groups file lawsuit against government for deportation practices

Several groups have joined in a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of hundreds of women and child immigrants concerning claims that their due process rights are being violated. The groups assert that, at one detention center in particular, immigrants have been denied proper representation during deportation proceedings. While the facility at the center of the allegations is not located in North Carolina, many immigrants in North Carolina may worry about their own rights -- or those of a loved one -- being denied.

The fact that so many of the women and children who recently crossed the southern borders seek to escape violence in their native countries might enable them to seek asylum in this country. However, because so many of them are processed and subject to deportation within a 60 day time frame, they are generally unable to get the help they need. The groups allege that current policies and laws have tainted the chances of these immigrants as a whole to have their cases considered on individual merits.

It is claimed that the refusal to allow each detained person an opportunity to be heard violates constitutional and legal standards that have been adhered to in the past. The detention center in New Mexico, over which the suit was filed, is alleged to have unlawfully expedited deportations. It's been called a "deportation mill." Due to the sheer numbers of immigrants involved, the government has used family detention centers to handle the situation.

In an ironic twist, the detention center that has been named in the lawsuit was opened on World Refugee Day. Undoubtedly, many of the immigrants detained there do not feel they have been given the consideration they may have hoped for. Immigrants residing in North Carolina may also fear deportation when facing questions over their immigration status. In these cases, they have the right to seek professional assistance to guide them through the often complex legal processes and to fight for their individual rights.

Source:, "Government Sued Over Alleged 'Deportation Mill'", Carey L. Biron, Aug. 28, 2014

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