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September 2014 Archives

Response to undocumented families: detention, deportation center

Understandably, the high number of immigrants who have come here looking for relief over the past several months has overwhelmed certain government agencies. Immigration and Customs Enforcement seems to have found a solution: the construction of a new detention and deportation center geared toward families. The facility is not in North Carolina, but families living here may worry about the possibility of facing deportation.

After suffering a job-related accident, what should you do?

North Carolina has a wide variety of occupations to suit almost any worker's needs and desires. The majority of employers make every effort to provide a safe working environment in order to prevent a job-related accident. However, in spite of every precaution, at some point, you may suffer an injury or illness while on the job. Many workers may be asking what to do next.

OSHA revises reporting rules for some work-related injuries

Beginning at the first of the year in 2015, there are new rules regarding certain accident reports for employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has revised the rules regarding serious work-related injuries and the time constraints for informing the agency. There are likely many employers and workers who will be affected in North Carolina.

Group wants immigrants to know U.S. citizenship is attainable

Of the eight million immigrants that hold valid green cards and are eligible to begin the process of becoming naturalized citizens, well under 10 percent pursue it. Several pro-immigrant groups have joined together for a new campaign to encourage qualified immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship. This program may benefit potential citizens currently residing in North Carolina.

What to do if you are facing deportation on immigration violation

Risking everything you have to start over in an unfamiliar country may be the bravest thing you can undertake. Understandably, the complexities of the immigration laws in this country can lead to you finding yourself on the wrong side of the rules and now facing deportation. At this time, you need experienced and knowledgeable resources within North Carolina who can unravel the red tape and help find the best solution.

Immigrants in North Carolina await action from White House

How to manage the U.S. border has been a contentious debate among lawmakers as of late. It is a significant issue since there are approximately 11 million or more immigrants currently living in the United States without proper documentation. Many of these undocumented immigrants have been residing in the country for years and some of them have lived in North Carolina and other states for decades. However, the White House is currently considering taking some action in order to address this issue.

Court rules that recreation can lead to work-related injuries

Many North Carolina employees are familiar with the fact that there are worker's compensation laws in place to protect them in the event of an injury sustained while they are on the job. In the vast majority of cases, whether or not an injury can be considered to have taken place within the scope of one's job is clear. However, there are certain areas in which the work-related injuries issue is not quite so easily addressed, as a nearby state's Supreme Court recently ruled.

Conference attendees learn ways to avoid work-related injuries

At an annual conference to improve workers' safety, a keynote address was given by a vice president of General Electric Co. She highlighted the success the company has experienced with a new approach to reduce work-related injuries. Since GE has employment facilities in North Carolina, workers here may have benefited from the change.

Groups file lawsuit against government for deportation practices

Several groups have joined in a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of hundreds of women and child immigrants concerning claims that their due process rights are being violated. The groups assert that, at one detention center in particular, immigrants have been denied proper representation during deportation proceedings. While the facility at the center of the allegations is not located in North Carolina, many immigrants in North Carolina may worry about their own rights -- or those of a loved one -- being denied.

Judge files suit over immigration discrimination innuendo

A, Iranian-American judge who has held her position on the bench in the U.S. Immigration Court since 2005 was ordered to recuse herself from hearing any cases involving her native countrymen. Though her conduct on the bench has been unimpeachable, the Department of Justice may have alluded to reverse immigration discrimination. This federal lawsuit may be of interest to immigrants in North Carolina residents because the outcome could impact how immigration cases are handled throughout the country.