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Chemical company's violations could cause work-related injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an inspection of a chemical storage and handling company earlier this year. The inspection revealed several alleged violations that could lead to employees suffering from work-related injuries if not corrected. While the company does not have a location in North Carolina, workers everywhere might benefit from learning more.

The company, Seeler Industries, is a chemical storage and handling company. When OSHA conducted its inspection, the officials allegedly discovered several violations that could potentially cause injury or death if left uncorrected. At least one of the violations was listed as being willful, which denotes that the company allegedly knew of the dangers and did not take measures to ensure worker safety. There were a total of 19 citations purportedly listed with the possible fines amounting to $134,400.

The supposed citations included lack of proper training for employees who were handling chemical substances. This is the violation that was described as willful. Other violations included the lack of safety protocols that would protect workers from exposure to toxic levels of dangerous substances. There were also citations issued for improper procedures in the use of machinery and lack of safeguards when equipment required servicing and routine maintenance.

In addition, the company reportedly failed in providing protection from falls and safeguarding respiratory health. The inspection was purportedly conducted after complaints were lodged concerning possibly dangerous conditions at the location. It is unknown if any employees at that facility suffered work-related injuries as a result of the alleged unsafe practices. North Carolina workers who may have been hurt while on the job have recourse to the workers' compensation insurance program in order to obtain financial assistance while they are recovering. Employees who experience problems filing a claim can request assistance from various resources in the state.

Source:, "OSHA cites Seeler Industries for safety, health violations", , Aug. 12, 2014

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