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Centenarian celebrated birthday as a new U.S. citizen

One family sought an original way to celebrate the 100th birthday of their beloved mother and grandmother. They succeeded, as the woman was able to take the oath of a U.S. citizen on her milestone celebration. There may be many living in North Carolina who would also love to take that same pledge.

The woman became an official citizen of her adopted country in late July. She was then able to enjoy her birthday milestone in the company of her family, who helped arrange the ceremony to coincide with the selected date. She can now cast her first vote in the upcoming elections, an occasion she had been hoping to take part in.

The woman emigrated to this country in 1981 in order to help her adult daughter care for her grandchild after she was born. After working in a variety of occupations before settling here, she is still engaged in making and altering clothing for her family and for others. She had attempted to take the test for naturalization several years earlier, but she was unable to complete the English portion of the exam. However, after the age of 55, as long as other qualifications are met, prospective citizens are required to pass only the civics section of the test, which she did.

While it may be a rare occurrence for a hopeful immigrant to become a U.S. citizen at the age of 100, no one has to wait that long to complete the process. North Carolina residents can begin their own journey as soon as they have waited the required amount of time and are qualified to become a citizen. There are various resources located throughout the state that can provide the information needed in order to begin the process of becoming an officially recognized citizen of this country.

Source:, "Feliz cumpleanos! Germantown woman celebrates 100th birthday by becoming U.S. citizen", Virginia Terhune, Aug. 6, 2014

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