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August 2014 Archives

Post office woes include increasing workers' compensation costs

The United States Postal Service has gone through a lot of change over the past few decades. The federal agency has been losing money on a regular basis, and the costs of workers' compensation claims have been blamed for further strain. This insurance program enables injured employees in North Carolina and elsewhere to make ends meet while they are temporarily disabled.

Steps to consider when trying to become a U.S. citizen

One couple recently shared their experience when they attempted to complete the naturalization process. While they held valid green cards and were able to renew their permits without difficulty, each one has been unable to take the final steps to become a U.S. citizen. While there may be many immigrants currently living in North Carolina, there are some important points to remember when beginning the naturalization process.

Workplace safety violations often lead to job-related accident

In a move to help improve workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration instituted a program to track companies that have been cited for serious infractions. Companies that are found to have willfully ignored required protocols to protect employees are more likely to see an increase in reports concerning a job-related accident. North Carolina workers may be interested in learning more since workplace safety is a concern for all.

Women lacking legal documentation face immigration discrimination

According to the women who have shared their stories -- as well as those social workers who help them -- women without the proper legal documentation in the United States have many obstacles to contend with once they are here. Many feel that they face more immigration discrimination than their male counterparts. The phenomenon is not limited to any one geographical location, with women reporting problems in North Carolina as well as in many other states.

Chemical company's violations could cause work-related injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an inspection of a chemical storage and handling company earlier this year. The inspection revealed several alleged violations that could lead to employees suffering from work-related injuries if not corrected. While the company does not have a location in North Carolina, workers everywhere might benefit from learning more.

Worker killed in job-related accident in North Carolina

Workers who have been on the job for a number of years are most likely well versed in safety protocols and best work practices. However, even the most experienced employee can be injured in a job-related accident. One such man recently suffered a fatal accident at a lumber mill in North Carolina.

Centenarian celebrated birthday as a new U.S. citizen

One family sought an original way to celebrate the 100th birthday of their beloved mother and grandmother. They succeeded, as the woman was able to take the oath of a U.S. citizen on her milestone celebration. There may be many living in North Carolina who would also love to take that same pledge.

1 worker dies, another injured after tragic job-related accident

Construction work can be a dangerous occupation; electrical work can be equally hazardous. When the two are combined, the potential for a job-related accident may be unavoidable. These tragic events are not limited to any one area, and most likely, these types of accidents have occurred in North Carolina.

Lowe's may need improving after OSHA reviews accident report

The ubiquitous slogan of "Never Stop Improving" is the tag on most of one popular home improvement company's commercials. However, after an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the company was given just over two weeks to make its own improvements -- in safety -- after the inspector noted the high numbers of injured employees and the required accident report for each. The company, which is based in North Carolina, also had several repeat violations.

Community expresses concerns over immigration discrimination

While there has been much media coverage regarding the children crossing the southern borders, some communities have expressed other concerns. There have been allegations that long-term migrants are facing immigration discrimination by law enforcement. While some of the recent concerns are not coming out of North Carolina, there may be residents here who have similar fears.