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Woman preparing to take final step on path to being U.S. citizen

It takes courage and perseverance to leave one's native country and start over in an unfamiliar world. The road to becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen may also seem challenging at times in light of all the information that needs to be studied and committed to memory. However, dozens of immigrants from around the country, including North Carolina, make that commitment every year.

One woman who arrived here with the help of her American husband in 2001 is finally ready to make this nation her formal home. She had applied and received her permanent resident document many years ago and was told she could apply for citizenship after a three-year wait. She decided to wait more than triple that amount of time.

She is now comfortable enough in her new country to take that final step toward becoming a naturalized citizen. She claims that she is sure of the answers to more than half of the possible questions she will be asked on the day of the test. She needs to prepare a bit longer in order to feel confident enough to answer the oral questions that she will face. In addition to the oral examination, of which 60 percent have to be correct, there is also a written test to assess each candidate's knowledge of English.

This woman has stated that she believes becoming a U.S. citizen will enhance her opportunities for employment in this country. However, she says that being able to vote in the upcoming elections is the motivating factor behind her decision, ensuring that her voice may be heard in the ongoing debates of immigration policies. There may be many immigrants living in North Carolina who desire to follow this woman's path. There are resources available ready to supply information regarding the process of naturalization.

Source:, "Valley woman prepares to take U.S. citizenship test after 13 years", Natalie Brunell, July 10, 2014

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