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Farmers want Congress to possibly aid path to U.S. citizenship

While Congress has seemed to come to a standstill over what to do about the need for a new immigration policy, one group has recently voiced its opinion without reservations. Farmers have joined together and expressed a collective point of view regarding how reforms for immigrants would benefit the nation as a whole, including possibly streamlining a path to U.S. citizenship. Farmers everywhere, including in North Carolina, have an ongoing need for workers to help harvest crops.

The advocacy group was formed by experts in the agricultural, nutritional and health fields. The need for reforms in the immigration policy of this nation was the first issue about which the participants reached a consensus. Farms are suffering economically due to the lack of field hands to help harvest the crops. As a result, produce and fruit production has dwindled.

In addition, ranchers and other agricultural businesses also feel the strain from the lack of seasonal, skilled workers. Moreover, while millions of the baby boomer generation will retire in the next few years, there are an estimated 30,000 million fewer workers to replace them. Without meaningful Congressional action regarding immigration, the nation may lose ground economically and in food production.

The clamor for reform continues. While the Senate acted last year to address the problem, the House has been slow to respond. Meanwhile, farmers and others continue to suffer from the lack of immigrant workers and run the risk of watching their crops spoil. Immigrants in North Carolina may benefit from following the progress of the immigration debate and can seek assistance from local resources to aid them on the path of attaining U.S. citizenship.

Source:, "Why farmers see fertile ground on immigration reform", Jim Moseley and A.g. Kawamura, June 23, 2014

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