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Child immigrants faced blatant discrimination in one town

The numbers of undocumented immigrants crossing the borders has been almost record-setting and is creating a strain on the resources of the towns closest to the border. For that reason, officials have been transporting many immigrants to other town and cities. The residents of one town met the incoming buses with such hostility that the drivers were forced to turn around. While this has not happened in North Carolina, the fear of such discrimination may weigh heavily on the minds of undocumented immigrants and others.

The buses were transporting women and children as the immigration officials were attempting to relieve overcrowding at some of the border facilities. However, the mayor and residents of one town have expressed deep reservations concerning the safety of town residents. The mayor has assured that the safety of all would be top priority.

The town successfully prevented buses from entering on two occasions. However, the mayor announced that more buses would be entering and that the passengers would be processed at the immigration center in town. After being cleared by the facility, the immigrants would be transported to yet another center in order to receive assistance from church affiliated groups.

The women and children in the center of this controversy are simply attempting to escape the crime, violence and extreme poverty in their home countries. There have been concerns raised that some of the children are actually gang members and pose a threat to others, but those claims have not been verified. Most of the youngsters who have sought entrance may be motivated by the hopes of receiving a fresh start and more educational opportunities. North Carolina also has a population of immigrants who came here to seek a better quality of life. If they believe that they have been subjected to discrimination or other unfair practices, they do have resources to turn to for assistance and information concerning the protection of their rights.

Source:, "Protesters 'greet' buses carrying undocumented immigrants", Kristina Le, July 2, 2014

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