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1 man electrocuted, another burned in job-related accident

One 23-year-old husband and father of a newborn son has died while trying to provide a living for his family. The victim's father stated that the man had just recently landed the job and was excited about the opportunity. This job-related accident has robbed a family of a provider and has caused another worker to suffer serious injuries. While this incident did not occur in North Carolina, a similar accident could happen anywhere.

The team of three workers were attempting to hang a banner on a school's property. They had erected scaffolding that was estimated to be between 25 and 35 feet high. The worker who died was electrocuted when he came into contact with wires that were hanging just over his head. The second worker went to the man's assistance and was also shocked. He fell over 30 feet as a result of being burned.

The state's local branch of OSHA officials are investigating to determine how this accident happened. Additionally, officials stated that the company's safety policies would likewise be subject to review, especially those protocols for working around voltage lines. School officials have claimed that the workers were not employed by them and they had not authorized the workers' company to hang the banner.

Several students and their families witnessed the terrible accident and many attempted to provide assistance. The worker who survived the job-related accident is reportedly in serious condition. The family of the man who was killed will most likely qualify for death benefits from the state's workers' compensation program. Furthermore, the injured man may also receive benefits to assist him financially as he recovers from his injuries. North Carolina employees who have also suffered from an injury or illness on the job may seek assistance if they have questions or difficulties when filing their own claim for benefits to which they are entitled.

Source:, "Worker electrocuted at Mission Viejo High identified", Salvador Hernandez and Sean Emery, July 17, 2014

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