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July 2014 Archives

OSHA follows up on accident report involving a fatal injury

In 2008, an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found six instances of violations at a company, which were supposedly not unusual and were reportedly corrected. However, a worker was recently killed according to the accident report from the company. While this tragic incident did not occur at a North Carolina company, such accidents are not limited to any one location.

Olympian Darian Townsend now a U.S. citizen

Some people are always looking for new ways to push themselves and set higher goals. One man who is used to pushing himself as an Olympic swimmer has taken the plunge into new waters as a U.S. citizen. He is not residing in North Carolina, but he will represent all citizens of his new homeland if he makes the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team.

Opponent critical of changes made to workers' compensation

One man, who is hoping to unseat a current governor, has expressed public criticism concerning some changes his opponent has made to critical systems within the state. The changes in question concern how the workers' compensation program is structured and controlled. Recently, a change was made that took the program from under a court-based system to one controlled by an administration system. While the changes do not have any impact on North Carolina workers, any such change may raise questions about each state's system.

1 man electrocuted, another burned in job-related accident

One 23-year-old husband and father of a newborn son has died while trying to provide a living for his family. The victim's father stated that the man had just recently landed the job and was excited about the opportunity. This job-related accident has robbed a family of a provider and has caused another worker to suffer serious injuries. While this incident did not occur in North Carolina, a similar accident could happen anywhere.

Schools will revise policies to end immigration discrimination

One school district has recently adopted several new measures that are slated to be effective for the next three years. The policies have been revamped in response to allegations of immigration discrimination, especially toward Latino students and families. The school district is not located in North Carolina, but this issue is not limited by geographical area.

Woman preparing to take final step on path to being U.S. citizen

It takes courage and perseverance to leave one's native country and start over in an unfamiliar world. The road to becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen may also seem challenging at times in light of all the information that needs to be studied and committed to memory. However, dozens of immigrants from around the country, including North Carolina, make that commitment every year.

Man suffers serious injuries after job-related accident

Those who are employed in the construction business are aware of the dangers that lurk around every corner of the job. Even the best safety precautions cannot prevent every job-related accident. Any worker from North Carolina or any other state could potentially suffer injuries from a serious incident.

Commission that has say in workers' compensation faces changes

Recently, the Industrial Commission in North Carolina, which is charged with the oversight of vital aspects of the state's compensation programs, has been faced with critical challenges. The first was the appointment of an individual who purportedly has a record of being anti-workers' rights, and the second is the change in how the deputy commissioners are selected. The commission has the responsibility of holding hearings on workers' compensation claims, as well as other duties, and many believe that the changes could have a negative impact on how it functions.

Proposed North Carolina law may bar some workers' compensation

A proposed change has many in North Carolina outraged at the possible consequences it may have on undocumented workers. The proposal would bar these workers from filing and receiving workers' compensation benefits. Since an estimated 5 percent of the state's workforce consists of these workers, the bill could have a huge impact.

Child immigrants faced blatant discrimination in one town

The numbers of undocumented immigrants crossing the borders has been almost record-setting and is creating a strain on the resources of the towns closest to the border. For that reason, officials have been transporting many immigrants to other town and cities. The residents of one town met the incoming buses with such hostility that the drivers were forced to turn around. While this has not happened in North Carolina, the fear of such discrimination may weigh heavily on the minds of undocumented immigrants and others.

Farmers want Congress to possibly aid path to U.S. citizenship

While Congress has seemed to come to a standstill over what to do about the need for a new immigration policy, one group has recently voiced its opinion without reservations. Farmers have joined together and expressed a collective point of view regarding how reforms for immigrants would benefit the nation as a whole, including possibly streamlining a path to U.S. citizenship. Farmers everywhere, including in North Carolina, have an ongoing need for workers to help harvest crops.

Workers' compensation claim has consumed spouse's life

A young father worked for years for the Burger King corporation as a traveling consultant at several franchise establishments. The company supplied the vehicle and the fuel as he made his daily trips. Unfortunately, he became a victim of a fatal car accident caused by a distracted driver. The state ruled that the man's death qualified as a workplace accident and his spouse was to receive workers' compensation death benefits. Workers and their families in North Carolina may be interested in how this situation has consumed the widow's life.