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Senator, who is a U.S. citizen, renounces dual status

The requirements for running for the office of United States President are rather detailed and include the stipulation that any candidate be a natural-born citizen. One senator, Ted Cruz, who may have presidential ideations, has recently taken a step that may enhance his chances of officially running for the highest office. While he is a U.S. citizen through his mother, he was also a citizen of another nation. Americans in North Carolina may be interested in this story, especially if the senator were to announce his candidacy for president.

Senator Cruz made the announcement some time ago that he would formally renounce his citizenship of his birth country. He has made good on that vow as of this past May. Many are now speculating that he did so in order to keep the door open regarding his potential political aspirations. The spokesperson for the senator confirmed that the official written notification was received by him at his residence.

Mr. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. His father became a U.S. citizen several years ago. The senator released a copy of his birth record last year when some raised doubts concerning his eligibility to hold a higher office. At that time, the senator stated that he would seek to be only an American citizen.

Mr. Cruz's path to being a U.S. citizen was relatively easy since his mother was a citizen. Others who have come to this country as immigrants do have other requirements before being able to take the final test that leads to being a formal naturalized citizen. Many in North Carolina may long for the right to call this country their permanent home but are unsure of the steps to take to make their dream a reality. However, there are sources that they can turn to for information concerning how to commence their official journey to citizenship.

Source: CBS DC, "Sen. Cruz Formally Gives Up Canadian Citizenship", , June 11, 2014

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