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North Carolina businesses honored for few work-related injuries

The goal of business is to provide a good or service for the exchange of currency in one form or another. A good business also takes the well-being of their employees seriously and makes safety a top priority. While certainly not every business can prevent every incident of work-related injuries, employees most likely appreciate the attempts many companies make to ensure their safety. The Department of Labor in North Carolina recently held an awards ceremony to thank those employers who have had few to no serious accidents.

The agency first started the program to award workplace safety records in the mid 1940s. Since then, they have continued the practice of recognizing those companies who have met a strict requirement regarding time off due to job-related illnesses and injuries as well as no fatalities. The most recent celebration was held at the Gaston Country Club where an estimated 80-some businesses were honored.

There were categories of awards given, according to the standards that have been stipulated by the governing agency regarding hours lost to injuries as well as few to no transfers that were a result of an injury or illness. The set requirements are based on the percentage of incidents experienced by that particular industry or sector as a whole. The companies recognized must be below the 50 percent line in order to be considered a safe work place.

Some of the North Carolina companies have maintained a safety record for several years and received honors for reaching one million hours without recording any missed time due to work-related injuries. However, no matter how mindful both workers and employers are, not every accident can be foreseen or prevented. That is the reason that the workers' compensation insurance program was instituted. Injured employees are entitled to benefits whenever they suffer a job-related accident or illness and are rendered unable to work for a time. If one were to experience problems filing such a claim, he or she can seek information that may enable him or her to resolve the issue and receive the benefits to which one is entitled.

Source:, "State recognizes Gaston's safest employers", Adam Orr, June 11, 2014

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