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Man speaks about possible immigration discrimination policies

One man who immigrated to this country some years ago recently spoke about his struggles to not only attend a university and earn a doctorate in life sciences, but to start his own company as well. In spite of all the successes that this man has experienced, he has run up against the immigration policies of this nation that may now prevent him from following his dreams here. While the words he used to explain his current circumstances did not include immigration discrimination, in effect, that may be the best description for his dilemma. While he does not currently reside in North Carolina, the medical technology he has developed could potentially impact the lives of patients everywhere.

The man states that he could have elected to follow the traditional path to obtaining a visa by seeking employment with an established company and have the said employer vouch for his suitability for an H-1B visa. He is currently here on this type of visa; however, it has almost hit the expiration date. He has now attempted to use his own company as a sponsorship for another extension, but the immigration agency does not currently have a category concerning immigrants who have displayed a talent for entrepreneurship.

The man has developed a break-through technology for delivering certain medications to treat a variety of diseases. The method could make the treatment of some ailments both more effective and less expensive, since frequent dosing could be eliminated. If the man is unable to obtain a new visa, he will be faced with terminating the employees he has hired and taking his company and technology to another country, which may be less limited in options for talented immigrants who seek a fresh path to success.

This enterprising individual is still hoping for a change in the immigration policies of this nation, although those changes may admittedly come too late for his own benefit. However, while there are those who have elected to pursue an unbeaten path when seeking a visa in order to contribute to society, others may also experience immigration discrimination of another sort. North Carolina residents who believe they may have been a victim of discriminatory practices do have resources to turn to for information that may help protect their rights under state and federal regulations.

Source:, "Rapid Growth: How immigration policies are turning away Michigan's brightest", Steven Thomas Kent, June 10, 2014

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