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America welcomes 20 children who each just became a U.S. citizen

Several centuries ago, a ship full of hopeful immigrants landed on the shores of this yet unnamed country. These people risked all that they had to find a new life for themselves, free from persecution and overbearing laws. It took many years, and much bloodshed and sacrifice, but eventually the later generations of those forward-looking pioneers were each able to refer to each of themselves as a U.S. citizen. Today, there are still people of that same mind-set settling here in North Carolina, many with those same aspirations to become citizens.

Recently, one town held a ceremony in conjunction with World Refugee Day to welcome 20 children as official citizens of this country. The new citizens hailed from several different nations, but they now have the same adopted nationality -- Americans. The age of the children ranged from elementary school to teens, and they all took the oath to swear allegiance to their official homeland.

Some of the children became citizens after having been adopted by American parents, while others followed in the footsteps of their own naturalized mothers and fathers. One particular family witnessed three youngsters take the oath during the same ceremony. The father expressed his gratitude that now his children could be assured of the opportunity to pursue their dreams, something that may not have been possible for them in their native country due to the violence that prompted them to seek safety in America.

After the swearing-in portion of the ceremony was completed, the children and their families took part in the celebrations, which featured performances from the cultures of several of the nations that were represented by the children. Now, after a journey that may have been daunting at times, each child can now carry on the story of how they each became a U.S. citizen, by choice, and hopefully, future immigrants can be encouraged to follow their example. North Carolina residents who may desire to also take the path toward citizenship may seek information that can assist them on their own journey to naturalization.

Source:, "Children from 6 countries become US citizens", Perla Trevizo, June 19, 2014

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