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June 2014 Archives

Workers' doubts lead to longer recovery from job-related accident

There have always been studies conducted on a myriad of topics related to workers and workplace issues that can impact productivity and morale. Recently, an effort was made to analyze the relationship between a worker's comfort level concerning job security and the amount of time off necessary after suffering from a job-related accident. The researchers expressed surprise that the fear of termination seems to translate into a longer recovery time. The study encompassed workers from several states, including North Carolina.

America welcomes 20 children who each just became a U.S. citizen

Several centuries ago, a ship full of hopeful immigrants landed on the shores of this yet unnamed country. These people risked all that they had to find a new life for themselves, free from persecution and overbearing laws. It took many years, and much bloodshed and sacrifice, but eventually the later generations of those forward-looking pioneers were each able to refer to each of themselves as a U.S. citizen. Today, there are still people of that same mind-set settling here in North Carolina, many with those same aspirations to become citizens.

North Carolina town holds celebration for immigrants and others

For those who risk everything to find freedom and opportunity in a new land, it may be a bit of a surprise to them when they discover that not everyone in the country is welcoming and supportive. In fact, some immigrants may find that they face not only discrimination, but open hostility as well. One North Carolina town may have found a solution to some of the problems by holding their street festival.

Town's immigrants claim significant victory in civil case

This country has often been seen as the land of opportunity with freedom to be whatever a person wants, which may be the compelling reason for so many to risk so much to come here. However, once here, the reality can be quite different from what many immigrants may have imagined. There is often discrimination and harassment displayed by residents who are less than welcoming. There may even be some here in North Carolina who have had to fight to have their rights respected.

Animal feed company settles fines over job-related accident

A maker of livestock feed has reportedly reached a satisfactory settlement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for fines that were assessed over several safety violations that were recently discovered. The facility was the subject of an inspection after a worker suffered a fatal job-related accident on site. While the company is not located in North Carolina, worker safety is certainly a concern for employees everywhere.

Man speaks about possible immigration discrimination policies

One man who immigrated to this country some years ago recently spoke about his struggles to not only attend a university and earn a doctorate in life sciences, but to start his own company as well. In spite of all the successes that this man has experienced, he has run up against the immigration policies of this nation that may now prevent him from following his dreams here. While the words he used to explain his current circumstances did not include immigration discrimination, in effect, that may be the best description for his dilemma. While he does not currently reside in North Carolina, the medical technology he has developed could potentially impact the lives of patients everywhere.

North Carolina businesses honored for few work-related injuries

The goal of business is to provide a good or service for the exchange of currency in one form or another. A good business also takes the well-being of their employees seriously and makes safety a top priority. While certainly not every business can prevent every incident of work-related injuries, employees most likely appreciate the attempts many companies make to ensure their safety. The Department of Labor in North Carolina recently held an awards ceremony to thank those employers who have had few to no serious accidents.

Senator, who is a U.S. citizen, renounces dual status

The requirements for running for the office of United States President are rather detailed and include the stipulation that any candidate be a natural-born citizen. One senator, Ted Cruz, who may have presidential ideations, has recently taken a step that may enhance his chances of officially running for the highest office. While he is a U.S. citizen through his mother, he was also a citizen of another nation. Americans in North Carolina may be interested in this story, especially if the senator were to announce his candidacy for president.

New mandates from OSHA may reduce work-related injuries

Recently the Occupational Safety and Health Administration revised their requirements regarding how chemical agents are to be handled in the workplace. The motivation behind the revisions is to reduce the incidences of work-related injuries concerning these agents. The new mandates will affect any company or business which employs the use of these materials in every state, including North Carolina.

Immigrants being detained required to work for their keep

There are concerns that the forced labor camps of old haven't actually disappeared in this country. Instead, recent research suggests that immigrants who have been detained are required to work for their keep, for either low or even no pay. Those who may be caught up in this situation are from all areas of the country, including North Carolina, and have been sent to immigrant detention centers in various locations.