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Supreme Court declines to hear immigration discrimination case

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court could have serious repercussions for undocumented immigrants who are attempting to rent a home, whether it is located in North Carolina or elsewhere. The Court declined to review an ordinance that puts restrictions on who can or cannot rent a home. The decision amounts to immigration discrimination, according to several activist groups who oppose the ruling.

The ordinance, which originated in another state, requires would-be renters to first obtain a permit and pay the $5 fee. They must also swear that they are living in the United States legally. It was first put into practice about four years ago and has successfully weathered multiple legal challenges. A bid to repeal the ordinance through the electoral process failed earlier this year.

The Supreme Court's decision paves the way for other states, including North Carolina, to put similar laws in place, according to its supporters. They say the ruling gives other locations a "green light" to adopt similar policies. Their opponents say they won't let it happen without a fight.

Activists working with a non-profit organization that champions the cause of Mexican Americans say the original ordinance could still find itself up for debate. Representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union vow to keep a close watch on the situation. They say they are not opposed to the idea of further legal action if it is apparent that immigration discrimination is taking place. Immigrants who are trying to find safe, affordable housing will surely applaud their efforts.

Source: NBC News, "Court Decision Could Lead To More Immigrant Rules", , May 6, 2014

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