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Man killed in job-related accident at father's company

Working side-by-side with family is a dream for many parents when they have built up a company and desire to hand it down to their children. One such dream may have just died when an owner's son was killed in a job-related accident. The tragedy did not occur in North Carolina but this type of fatal incident could be repeated anywhere.

The death occurred at the company's physical address when the 30-year-old son was helping to unload materials shortly before 11 a.m. The nature of the company's business was not included in the report, but a shipment of reinforced steel bars was being delivered to the business. In the process of transferring the load by way of a forklift, something went wrong and the load became unstable.

The man was reportedly hit by the rebar and suffered a crush injury. OSHA is investigating this tragic accident, but it may be months before its findings are announced. OSHA representatives did say that if there are any violations found that contributed to the accident, then the company delivering the materials would be the one held accountable. For now, the family left behind will have to move forward in their lives and in their business without their heir-apparent.

Work is what makes the economy and families strong. The loss of this young man has most likely been a devastating blow, especially since the man was both worker and family. Apart from the workers' compensation death benefits that would typically apply to the victim's surviving family, a separate right of action may exist against the rebar company for wrongful death. When North Carolina workers are killed in a job-related accident, workers' compensation insurance is intended to provide the victim's family with reimbursement for final expenses, including funds earmarked for dependents to help replace the income lost as a result of the tragedy.

Source:, "One person crushed to death by steel bars in Monmouth", Craig Crosby, May 21, 2014

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