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Man dies months after accident, likely from work-related injuries

Whenever a North Carolina worker has a difficult task in front of them, they may inevitably hear how it isn't rocket science, with the implication that rocket science is a complicated undertaking. It stands to reason that working in a plant that manufactures rockets and related machinery is a hazardous occupation. One man who suffered work-related injuries recently died months after the accident.

The accident in which the 54-year-old worker was injured happened back in November of last year. There was an on-site explosion in one area of an industrial plant. The company manufactures rockets and missiles used for military defense systems. At the time of the blast, there were reports that two workers had been injured.

One worker apparently suffered only minor wounds and was treated at a clinic on the complex's grounds. The other man, the one who has now died, was transported to a medical facility after the accident. While his actual cause of death has not been reported, he has presumably been hospitalized since he was first injured.

The company, Aerojet, which is located in California, has not made any other public statements concerning the explosion or the demise of the employee. An official investigation has yet to be completed concerning the cause of this now fatal accident. The worker who was injured may have filed a claim for workers' compensation benefits, and the survivors of the man who died are probably entitled to death benefits as a result of his fatal work-related injuries. North Carolina residents also have access to these types of benefits when a worker is injured or becomes ill on-the-job. In addition, help is available to file and process a claim so that all benefits due are received in due course.

Source:, "5 months after Aerojet explosion, worker dies", Michelle Schultz, May 8, 2014

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