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Company agrees to clean up immigration discrimination policies

Immigrants to this country looking for a new beginning are probably eager to start making their own way as soon as possible. For many, this entails finding suitable employment that enables them to provide for their families and start living their version of the American Dream. However, they may sometimes encounter obstacles such as immigration discrimination, which may make it harder to achieve their goals. North Carolina residents may have had their own experiences with this unfortunate and illegal situation.

One company has recently arrived at an agreement with the Justice Department to settle allegations brought by a government agency. The company, which is in the cleaning business, has been alleged to have required non-citizens to go a step further when supplying documents to verify their eligibility to obtain employment in the United States. The applicants who were targeted were authorized to seek work, but they were allegedly requested to provide particular documentation, whereas citizens could provide documents of their choosing from the list of possible sources.

The company that has been accused of the document abuse has agreed to a fine of $75,000 as well as year-long supervision of its hiring policies and procedures. In addition, the company's employers are required to receive training in the proper methods of following anti-discrimination policies of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The matter first came to light following information supplied by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration agency.

Government officials have expressed their appreciation of the Colorado-based company's seemingly mutual desire to arrive at an acceptable settlement. While this type of immigration discrimination is hopefully not a common practice, there may still be immigrants living in North Carolina who have been subjected to this or a similar type of unfair employment practices. There are knowledgeable sources that can provide information and guidance to those individuals who believe that they have been the target of discriminatory actions. Everyone who is eligible to obtain employment and provide for their families is entitled to fair and equitable work opportunities.

Source:, "Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against Master Klean Janitorial", , May 7, 2014

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