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Children of immigrants arrested at protest demonstration

People in North Carolina who remain current on immigration issues may be interested to read of a group of activists with representatives of all ages who participated recently in a protest at the nation's capitol. Almost 30 of them were arrested, including seven who were under the age of 18. The demonstration was held to raise awareness about deportation policies used to determine which immigrants are allowed to stay in the country and which are forced to leave.

All of the children who were arrested come from families who have been negatively affected by immigration policies regarding deportation. They stood in pouring rain calling out their message to passersby. Adult protestors did the same.

The young protestors received some instructions on what to expect before the protest began. They learned about civil disobedience and some of its possible consequences, like being charged, arrested and detained. The lessons did not scare them away.

All of the children shared a common denominator -- they had one or more family members who were sent back to their country of origin against their will. For several children, their father was the loved one who was no longer allowed to live in the United States. All of them said the situation had created a void in their lives. Many seemed to feel the risk of arrest was worth having their voices heard.

Updates at the time of this report were unclear about whether the children had been released. In any case, they were not expected to remain in custody indefinitely. They may have been frightened by their recent incarceration, but they were reportedly undeterred from their cause. Immigrants in North Carolina who are also affected adversely by immigration policies are surely applauding their efforts.

Source: USA Today, "Kids arrested in immigration protest at U.S. Capitol", Natalie DiBlasio, April 30, 2014

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