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May 2014 Archives

Man killed in job-related accident at father's company

Working side-by-side with family is a dream for many parents when they have built up a company and desire to hand it down to their children. One such dream may have just died when an owner's son was killed in a job-related accident. The tragedy did not occur in North Carolina but this type of fatal incident could be repeated anywhere.

Woman says good-bye high school, hello as new U.S. citizen

May 22, 2014 may be one date that a certain young lady will remember forever. Not only did she graduate from high school that day, but on the morning of her graduation, she stood with fellow former immigrants and began a new life when she took the oath required to be a U.S. citizen. She is not a resident of North Carolina, but she is now officially a citizen of the United States of America.

Man dies from work-related injuries in machinery accident

A man who has been described by his loved ones as kind and caring will no longer be around to support them after he suffered a tragic accident. The man has died from work-related injuries when he somehow became entrapped in industrial equipment. The terrible accident did not happen in North Carolina, but a devastating work injury could occur in almost any workplace.

Company agrees to clean up immigration discrimination policies

Immigrants to this country looking for a new beginning are probably eager to start making their own way as soon as possible. For many, this entails finding suitable employment that enables them to provide for their families and start living their version of the American Dream. However, they may sometimes encounter obstacles such as immigration discrimination, which may make it harder to achieve their goals. North Carolina residents may have had their own experiences with this unfortunate and illegal situation.

Man dies months after accident, likely from work-related injuries

Whenever a North Carolina worker has a difficult task in front of them, they may inevitably hear how it isn't rocket science, with the implication that rocket science is a complicated undertaking. It stands to reason that working in a plant that manufactures rockets and related machinery is a hazardous occupation. One man who suffered work-related injuries recently died months after the accident.

Millions of legal immigrants choose to skip U.S. citizenship

Readers in North Carolina who are familiar with immigration issues may be surprised to learn that not all immigrants who can pursue legal status choose to do so. According to reports, an estimated eight million-plus people meet the eligibility requirements for U.S. citizenship. A large number of them have not given any indication that changing their status is something they are attempting to pursue.

2 acrobats injured in a job-related accident may never walk again

Many people, whether in North Carolina or elsewhere, hold their breath when watching circus acrobats perform. It is all too easy to imagine that a rope could come loose or a hand could lose its hold -- plunging all involved to the ground. The recent fall of eight performers who were injured in a job-related accident shows all too clearly that worst-case imaginings can sometimes become reality.

Court blocks requirement saying voters must have U.S. citizenship

People wanting to vote must show certain documents before they are allowed to do so. This can include a driver's license, a voter registration card and possibly Social Security documentation. What it cannot include -- in certain locations -- is proof of U.S. citizenship, according to a recent court ruling.

Supreme Court declines to hear immigration discrimination case

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court could have serious repercussions for undocumented immigrants who are attempting to rent a home, whether it is located in North Carolina or elsewhere. The Court declined to review an ordinance that puts restrictions on who can or cannot rent a home. The decision amounts to immigration discrimination, according to several activist groups who oppose the ruling.

Farmer charged $2 million, allegedly mistreated immigrant workers

Employers in North Carolina who take advantage of the H-2A visa program to staff their agricultural workforce may be interested to read about a recent incident in another state. The president of a large growing operation is facing a bill of almost $2 million. He allegedly underpaid his immigrant workers and failed to meet many of the requirements specified in the H-2A program.

Children of immigrants arrested at protest demonstration

People in North Carolina who remain current on immigration issues may be interested to read of a group of activists with representatives of all ages who participated recently in a protest at the nation's capitol. Almost 30 of them were arrested, including seven who were under the age of 18. The demonstration was held to raise awareness about deportation policies used to determine which immigrants are allowed to stay in the country and which are forced to leave.