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Teacher becomes U.S. citizen while students watch

Teachers in North Carolina and elsewhere often strive to provide a good example to their students. One substitute teacher in another state used her experience becoming a U.S. citizen as an educational opportunity. She let her students watch as she took her citizenship oath.

The woman is a substitute teacher at an elementary school. She has degrees from two universities that are located overseas. She is originally from Columbia but moved to America with her husband several years ago. The two met while he was working overseas for the Peace Corps.

The woman's students clapped enthusiastically when she finished reciting her citizenship oath. Many of them say they are related to immigrants or are immigrants themselves. As such, they can presumably relate personally to her experience.

The woman recited the pledge of allegiance for the first time as a citizen during the swearing-in ceremony. Her class, lead by the school superintendent, joined in. The woman said it made her proud to be able to repeat the words she knew so well as an American citizen. She said that although reciting the pledge of allegiance was a daily part of her school day it now carried a greater personal meaning.

The woman said she is excited to become a U.S. citizen. Her emotions are probably similar to those of immigrants in North Carolina who, like the woman, know the commitment that is required to gain citizenship. For many of them the process is a long, complicated affair. Those who have a full understanding of their legal options often have the highest rate of success.

Source:, "Students Watch Teacher Become U.S. Citizen", Lonnie Wong, April 23, 2014

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