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Man seriously injured in a job-related accident

Readers of this blog from North Carolina who are interested in workers' compensation issues may want to read the story of a man in another state who is still recovering from his work-related catastrophe. The man was injured in a job-related accident at the start of the year. He has yet to return to his job and does not expect that to happen anytime soon.

The man was working at a grinding machine when a portion of his clothes became caught in the equipment. He was pulled into the grind shaft and trapped there. Few people in this situation survive, according to authorities, who say it is a "miracle" that the man did not lose an arm or leg or suffer any brain trauma.

He did, however, suffer extensive injuries. More than 30 screws and assorted metal plates were used to piece together his broken bones. He is expected to require additional surgeries in the future.

The man may not return to work for a year or more. Once he does, he may still be prohibited from doing work he was once able to do. Duties like driving a truck may require him to sit for longer periods than he is able to maintain due to his injuries and the hardware that was used to make repairs.

He is trying not to worry unduly about the future. He and his wife say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they have experienced since the man was injured in a job-related accident -- a sentiment many people in similar circumstances in North Carolina may echo. Although sympathy and support may be nice to have, they won't pay the bills. For that, the man may file for workers' compensation benefits. A successfully filed claim could provide the compensation he needs to cover his medical expenses and make up for lost wages during this time of recovery.

Source: Meade County Times-Tribune, "Sturgis man recovering from severe workplace accident", Colleen Brunner, April 20, 2014

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