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Man killed in job-related accident when jacket is caught on door

North Carolina readers of this blog may be interested in learning about a fatal workplace accident that happened in another state. The incident occurred when a worker at a manufacturing facility was trapped in a portion of an industrial door. The job-related accident that followed claimed his life.

The 41-year-old man had worked for many years at the wood manufacturing plant where the accident occurred, according to company officials. He was standing near a large, industrial door when it opened. The man's jacket became caught in the pulley.

The man was yanked upwards, with his feet about a yard above the ground. Fellow employees attempted to aid his release, but they were not successful. Emergency responders also attempted to free the man, but they too did not succeed. The man died before he could be freed from the door's mechanism.

Emergency personnel say they used all the resources they had at their disposal. Unfortunately, the man may have died before they arrived on the scene, according to reports. The company at which his death occurred made grief counselors available to employees needing assistance with their grief and shock over what happened.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation but have not set a time frame for its completion. In the meantime, those who were close to the man who died are undoubtedly struggling to come to terms with the unexpected tragedy. They, like most people working in North Carolina or elsewhere in the United States, retain the right to file for workers' compensation death benefits when a family member is killed in a job-related accident. A successfully presented claim could help compensate for lost wages and give them the means to continue in the absence of their loved one.

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press, "Bagley: Plant worker killed as jacket snags on large door as it opens", Stephen J. Lee, April 2, 2014

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