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Job-related accident proves fatal for 2 electrical lineman

It doesn't matter if a person lives in North Carolina or some other state, the thought of a fatal accident at work is a scary thing to contemplate. People who have work that is inherently more dangerous than others may sometimes become accustomed to the idea of a job-related accident, but that doesn't mean their families aren't devastated when one happens. The loved ones of two men who died recently on the job probably know that feeling all too well.

The men were working in another state as electrical lineman. They were conducting routine maintenance in the basket of a crane truck when it flipped over. The two men fell an estimated 170 feet and into a hole that held excavated gravel about 30 feet beneath ground level. The truck ended up nearly vertical, with its cab extended upwards.

The two were working on a tower that contained power lines that were live at the time. It is not known if that played a part in what happened. Emergency crews responding to multiple calls for help found the men "unresponsive." Neither was breathing nor did they have a pulse. Both were later pronounced dead.

Friends and family members of the men say they both loved their work. They said that, although it could be a dangerous occupation, they enjoyed it regardless of the risks. People doing similar work in North Carolina may understand their sentiment.

Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are continuing to investigate what caused the crane to tip over. As they search for answers, the family members of the men who died in this job-related accident are undoubtedly looking for answers of their own. They retain the right to file for workers' compensation death benefits. A successful claim could help provide the means to replace lost income and cover the end-of-life expenses they are now facing.

Source: The Boston Globe, "Officials probe cause of fatal Bourne crane accident", Jeremy C. Fox, April 14, 2014

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