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5 workers injured in a job-related accident

An explosion and resulting fire at an energy storage facility resulted in workers being taken for medical care and several hundred residents choosing to leave the surrounding area. The employees who were injured in the job-related accident are expected to recover from their injuries. The accident did not occur in North Carolina, but similar accidents could befall employees in this field regardless of which state they call home.

The explosion occurred in the early workday hours on a recent Monday. It was reported that about 14 workers were on duty when the accident happened. One of the employees required transportation to a facility that is specially equipped to handle burn patients. It was not announced whether the worker did indeed suffer burns or how severe the injuries may be.

Four other workers were also taken to local hospitals for treatment. Firefighter personnel stated that none of the workers are thought to have suffered life threatening injuries. Residents in homes within a few miles of the facility were given the opportunity to seek shelter. However, the situation was contained and most residents were expected to return to their homes by day's end.

According to officials on the site, the explosion did not affect service to any customers, nor were any support structures necessary for fuel delivery impacted. Representatives from the state's workplace safety commission is conducting its own investigation into what may have led to the potentially deadly accident. Estimates given state that less than 20 workers are employed by the facility, which is in the state of Washington.

While it is fortunate that none of the injured employees suffered lethal injuries, it is not unclear how badly they were hurt. Regardless, all five workers may be unable to return to work for some time. Most states, including North Carolina have an insurance program for people who suffer harm due to a job-related accident. This program ensures that the hurt employee will receive monetary assistance while they are unable to perform their duties. Workers who believe they have a claim for workers' compensation, but have questions or may encounter difficulties doing so, do have resources available that can provide information on how best to proceed.

Source:, "Workers injured as blast rocks Washington gas plant", Jeff Barnard, April 1, 2014

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