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April 2014 Archives

Teacher becomes U.S. citizen while students watch

Teachers in North Carolina and elsewhere often strive to provide a good example to their students. One substitute teacher in another state used her experience becoming a U.S. citizen as an educational opportunity. She let her students watch as she took her citizenship oath.

Man seriously injured in a job-related accident

Readers of this blog from North Carolina who are interested in workers' compensation issues may want to read the story of a man in another state who is still recovering from his work-related catastrophe. The man was injured in a job-related accident at the start of the year. He has yet to return to his job and does not expect that to happen anytime soon.

Work-related injuries sustained by 2 men after an explosion

North Carolina companies have a duty to provide a safe working environment for all workers on the property, even if the workers are contractors. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides companies with safety rules and regulations and has a strict monitoring program in an attempt to reduce work-related injuries. OSHA initiated an investigation at the premises of a food manufacturing company in another state after two contract workers were injured while working.

ACLU says mandatory photo ID is immigration discrimination

North Carolina readers of this blog who keep up with immigration issues may be interested to learn about a letter sent by the American Civil Liberties Union to schools in another state. The letter says that it is immigration discrimination for a school to require the parents of enrolling students to produce a photo ID. It claims the practice is preventing students from getting the education to which they are entitled by law.

Job-related accident proves fatal for 2 electrical lineman

It doesn't matter if a person lives in North Carolina or some other state, the thought of a fatal accident at work is a scary thing to contemplate. People who have work that is inherently more dangerous than others may sometimes become accustomed to the idea of a job-related accident, but that doesn't mean their families aren't devastated when one happens. The loved ones of two men who died recently on the job probably know that feeling all too well.

Latino student experiences immigration discrimination

Readers from North Carolina who are concerned about immigration issues may be interested to read about a teenager who was initially not allowed to enroll in high school recently. Officials at the school said it was not immigration discrimination that led to the decision. School officials say they welcome a diverse student body that treats everyone the same -- regardless of ethnicity. The teen and his family do not agree.

Work-related injuries result in severe hand damage for 2 men

People in North Carolina who follow news from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may be interested in details of an incident that happened in another state. A fabric company has been cited for multiple violations prompted by work-related injuries suffered by two men. The company now faces almost $200,000 in penalties, according to OSHA officials.

Workers' compensation can help man injured by glass at work

In an instant, an employee on a job site in North Carolina may end up temporarily incapacitated. Particularly in the construction industry, the machinery -- along with tools and materials -- can pose major hazards but are also a requirement to get the job done. A work accident may occur if a worker loses his or her balance or focus on the task at hand. In such an instance, the individual may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina.

Police help woman to become U.S. citizen after her car broke down

Dealing with a government bureaucracy like the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) can seem intimidating. For a young family from another state, all the frustration sometimes associated with the immigration process proved to be worth their while. Residents of North Carolina attempting to become citizens themselves may be interested to learn of the anxious moments the couple spent when their minivan broke down while traveling to a ceremony where the mother would finally become a U.S. citizen.

Man killed in job-related accident when jacket is caught on door

North Carolina readers of this blog may be interested in learning about a fatal workplace accident that happened in another state. The incident occurred when a worker at a manufacturing facility was trapped in a portion of an industrial door. The job-related accident that followed claimed his life.

Suit from Yugoslavian immigrant seeking green card dismissed

North Carolina readers of this blog who are interested in immigration issues may want to read the story of a Yugoslavian woman who has been in the United States nearly her entire life but was denied a green card because of a missed deadline. The woman is currently 34 years old and living in another state. She came to America as an immigrant with her family just after her first birthday.

5 workers injured in a job-related accident

An explosion and resulting fire at an energy storage facility resulted in workers being taken for medical care and several hundred residents choosing to leave the surrounding area. The employees who were injured in the job-related accident are expected to recover from their injuries. The accident did not occur in North Carolina, but similar accidents could befall employees in this field regardless of which state they call home.