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Young advocate wants to help immigrant families stay together

North Carolina readers of this blog who are interested in issues surrounding immigration reform may enjoy reading about a young girl in another state who has made it her mission to prompt a positive change. The girl is 10 years old. Her immigrant father has been in custody since last year for an arguably small offense -- driving without a valid driver's license.

A group that fights for immigration reform is working with the girl and her mother to try to help them free their family's patriarch. They arranged for the family to meet with an archbishop, who is also a naturalized citizen and as such should be sympathetic to their cause. They would like to next meet with the Pope.

The girl said she thinks the situation she is in is unfair. She says that separating families is never a good idea, but that it is particularly wrong during a time like the present day when children need parental guidance more than ever. The archbishop appeared to agree with her assessment, saying a solution to the immigration issue is needed desperately.

In the meantime, the girl just wants to have her father back home. His case was recently reviewed, according to an immigration attorney working with the family. A judge ruled in favor of his release, pending the payment of a $5,000 bond. His case will be reviewed at a later date, according to reports. For other immigrant parents who are waiting to be reunited with their families, whether in North Carolina or elsewhere, the news brings a sense of hope that something similar will happen to them.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Young advocate seeks pope's aid on immigration, Steve Lopez, March 22, 2014

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