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Healthcare injuries might be reduced by updates to equipment

When we hear about injuries that have occurred at a North Carolina workplace, what often comes to mind is some kind of fall. However, many workplace injuries can happen via a strain or sprain while lifting something heavy. These sorts of injuries might not be immediately apparent, but they can be devastating to an employee just the same, leading to medical bills and missed shifts at work.

One sector of employees that is especially susceptible to work-related injuries is health care workers. The fast-paced nature of these jobs can lead people to slip or run into things, causing nagging injuries that can affect their job performance. One other major part of the job for many clinicians and nurses is also responsible for injuries: patient transfers. A recent survey found that more than a third of nurses and clinicians had been hurt at work, and many of those injuries came from patient transfers.

The act of moving a person from one setting to another -- from a bed to a wheelchair and vice versa -- can be awkward for people. Workers can experienced sudden twists and turns to their bodies when moving patients, who can weigh 200-300 pounds or more.

Many hospital workers who have been surveyed say that the equipment present in many patient rooms is not conducive to preventing injuries. Additionally, many areas within hospitals are not ideally designed to facilitate the smooth transfer of patients.

People who work in health care settings or other types of jobs need not suffer in silence if they are hurt while working. Experienced workers' compensation attorneys can advise people who find themselves in these sorts of situations.

Source: Healthcare Design, "Designing To Reduce Workplace Injuries," Anne DiNardo, Feb. 5, 2014

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