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Activists against immigration discrimination focus on deportation

Activists have their pick of topics when it comes to important issues concerning immigration laws and policies. Many who fight immigration discrimination in North Carolina and elsewhere are now focusing their efforts on ending deportation. They say it is a huge problem that deserves serious attention and reform.

Many activists are working at both federal and a state levels to try to achieve the change they say is vital to the health and happiness of millions of people living in America without proper identification. They use mostly peaceful means to get their point across. This includes public demonstrations and barring the entrance to facilities used to detain immigrants.

They say they are still working toward better laws surrounding immigration and the quest for citizenship undertaken by many. However, they add, the focus has now changed to helping people remain the United States. Deportation has moved up the ladder of priorities and taken one of the top rungs.

The groups have met with limited success. Two years ago, people who entered the country illegally before they became adults were granted a deportation reprieve based on certain circumstances. These included earning a high school diploma or serving with the American Armed Forces. Activists want those concessions extended to other immigrants who are living here illegally.

Proponents of immigration reform, whether in North Carolina or another state, say it is needed to deal with the many millions of people who are affected by what they say are legal inadequacies. By attempting to end immigration discrimination they are attacking an area that is in need of positive change. They say they will continue the fight for as long as it takes to achieve success.

Source: PBS NewsHour, Immigration activists make stopping deportations main priority, Nicholas Riccardi, March 18, 2014

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