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March 2014 Archives

Young advocate wants to help immigrant families stay together

North Carolina readers of this blog who are interested in issues surrounding immigration reform may enjoy reading about a young girl in another state who has made it her mission to prompt a positive change. The girl is 10 years old. Her immigrant father has been in custody since last year for an arguably small offense -- driving without a valid driver's license.

Woman overcomes immigration discrimination, gains citizenship

North Carolina readers of this blog may remember a recent story about a woman who was denied citizenship because she objected to fighting for the United States during wartime but did not have religious reasons for doing so. The woman initially faced immigration discrimination for her beliefs. Officials have since changed their position and have granted her citizenship application.

Activists against immigration discrimination focus on deportation

Activists have their pick of topics when it comes to important issues concerning immigration laws and policies. Many who fight immigration discrimination in North Carolina and elsewhere are now focusing their efforts on ending deportation. They say it is a huge problem that deserves serious attention and reform.

Work-related injuries increase day after time changes to DST

It happens every year on the second Sunday in March. People who live in areas that observe Daylight Savings Time "spring forward" and move their clocks ahead by one hour. The Monday that follows is ranked as one of the least rested days of the year. Anyone in North Carolina going to work that day should take heed -- work-related injuries can increase as people struggle with the effects of too little sleep from the night before.

Student immigrants fight discrimination in North Carolina schools

Several civil rights organizations are demanding the Department of Justice take a hard look at the treatment of immigrants who want to attend public school in North Carolina. They recently issued a complaint with the Department of Justice. In it, they allege that immigrants who want to receive an education in North Carolina are not able to do so.

Women denied U.S. citizenship because she's not religious

The United States is supposed to be a place where religious freedom includes the right to have no religion at all. North Carolina readers of this blog may be interested to know that is not always a reflection of reality. A woman's request for U.S. citizenship was denied recently because she said she would not go to war if asked to do so but did not base her stance on religious beliefs.

Hunger strikes used to highlight roadblocks to U.S. citizenship

Activists trying to make a lasting impression have many tools at their disposal. This is true whether their efforts take place in North Carolina or elsewhere. Hunger strikes have grown in popularity recently as an effective way to highlight the some of the roadblocks encountered by those seeking U.S. citizenship.

Healthcare injuries might be reduced by updates to equipment

When we hear about injuries that have occurred at a North Carolina workplace, what often comes to mind is some kind of fall. However, many workplace injuries can happen via a strain or sprain while lifting something heavy. These sorts of injuries might not be immediately apparent, but they can be devastating to an employee just the same, leading to medical bills and missed shifts at work.

Another state immigration law goes by the wayside

There have been several states around the country in the last few years that have passed laws with an eye toward identifying undocumented immigrants in situations that aren't directly connected to immigration. Some people say that these sorts of laws border on immigration discrimination, and the trend toward scaling back these laws might indicate that there is some truth to that notion.

Immigrant population could rise to new high if reform passes

We've talked in the past on our Greensboro immigration blog about the possibility of immigration reform and the effect it might have on people here. What hasn't been so apparent is that if reform is approved in Congress and approved by the president, the level of immigrants in this country could reach highs not seen for about a century.