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Immigrant children unable to go to class in North Carolina

Immigration reform has been in the news a lot lately, and this recent report from Feb. 19 has caught a lot of attention. In the United States, regardless of where a person comes from or the language they speak, public schools are supposed to admit children so they can learn. One public school in North Carolina is in hot water, because it's been alleged that it isn't accepting immigrant children.

A civil rights group is now asking the U.S. Justice Department to look into the allegations against North Carolina school districts. They claim that the schools may be refusing to enroll some immigrant children, even though it's required that they take anyone who wants to join their classes. The group filed the complaint with the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division against schools in both Union and Buncombe Counties. It is believed that the districts didn't allow two students into school because they were too old; the students, both immigrant children with limited language abilities in English, are only 17.

The group is asking the Justice Department to determine if the schools are keeping immigrant children out of their classrooms. If so, they would like the Justice Department to require districts to adhere to a nondiscrimination policy. They also want the schools to receive the training necessary to make sure these students aren't kept out of classes.

An immigration attorney in the area has claimed that his office has seen approximately 60 cases where students have been struggling to enroll in public school. If the problem is this widespread, it is certainly something that would need to be addressed. With some changes in policies, additional training and the enforcement of immigration laws, the children should be able to enter school without the barriers that are allegedly there at present.

Source: Fox News Latino, "North Carolina Public Schools Denying Admission To Immigrant Kids, Groups Charge" No author given, Feb. 19, 2014

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