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Human rights group battles immigration discrimination

Immigration rights and reform are a topic of great interest to many people in North Carolina and the rest of the country. Just because a person is not a citizen does not mean that he or she has relinquished the right to be treated fairly and with respect. Eradicating immigration discrimination is a worthy goal, but it is one that won't be achieved easily.

Human Rights Watch, an activist group that seeks to protect the rights of immigrants, is doing its part to help people achieve fair treatment regardless of citizenship status. HRW is asking Congress to make immigration reform a primary goal this year. It hopes to make life a little easier for the millions of people living in America without official residency.

Officials with HRW say that those in charge should take advantage of the recent economic up-turn and use it as a foundation to implement serious immigration reform. It is believed that national support is required if those efforts are expected to have any chance of success. HRW argues that the current system is not working and should be replaced with one that works more effectively and humanely.

The group's plea for change is featured in its annual report, which was recently released publicly. It joins a host of other publications from North Carolina and other parts of the country that call for a stop to immigration discrimination and the undue hardship it presents for many people. Perhaps, if enough people and organizations join the fight, that lofty goal will finally be achieved.

Source: UPI, "Human Rights Watch calls for U.S. immigration reform," Jan. 21, 2014

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