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Immigrants taken advantage of by fraudulent FBI agent

North Carolina has many undocumented immigrants who have settled in the state to raise their families. Most of them do not have any plans of leaving and desire to be legal citizens of the United States. There are steps that many can take to start on the path to citizenship, but before becoming a U.S. citizen, they must first get a green card -- become a legal permanent resident. However, a word of warning: find a legitimate immigration attorney to help you on this path.

There are some out there that prey on immigrants, offering them citizenship, green cards or visas for a lump sum of money. They may complete paperwork, and then the immigrant never receives what was promised. Undocumented immigrants are easy prey, because they are desperate to become legal and protect themselves and their family from deportation.

A man in Springfield, Illinois, was recently arrested for defrauding immigrants by claiming to be an FBI agent. He would tell them he could help them achieve citizenship or permanent residency for a lump sum of money. One man gave him over $11,500, with the promise of citizenship for his family and a home loan.

He had other scams going on apparently, too. He sold satellite television systems to people for cash money and then never provided the satellites or equipment, according to court documents. The man also scammed a 68-year-old woman he met in Wal-Mart out of several thousand dollars after helping her with her computer.

The man claimed that he never told anyone he was an FBI agent, but an interview with one of his friends says differently. His friend claims to have heard him tell people that, and to have seen him show them an ID from his cellphone. The man has been charged with six counts of theft. He allegedly already has prior convictions.

Source:, "Police: Suspect scammed foreigners," Jess Rollins, Dec. 26, 2013

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