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North Carolina business leaders support immigration reform

Whatever one happens to think about the passage of immigration reform, the support of such measures is beginning to receive support from business leaders and both political parties. Just recently, a group of North Carolina business leaders and legislators sent a letter to Congress in support of overhauling the immigration system.

The letter emphasizes that "meaningful reform" is needed concerning family immigration and our immigration system in general. Concerning the need for a pathway for citizenship for undocumented immigrants this letter references how immigrants "pay penalties and back taxes, pass criminal background checks, and go to the back of the line."

Perhaps more telling, however, would be the emphasis placed in the letter concerning the needs of United States businesses to hire on more workers. The letter implies that this cannot be accomplished without first providing a legal means of hiring on immigrant workers inside of our borders.

We've written in the past concerning the types of discrimination that immigrants face when they and their families are hoping to achieve citizenship. Many immigrant workers are paid poorly, asked to work long hours, and subject to other unscrupulous behavior on the part of employers. However, without an avenue to air their grievances, these workers are threatened with deportation if they happen to complain about their working conditions.

Because of the complex nature of deportation and other sorts of immigration-based matters, any immigrant with legal concerns would be best represented by an attorney whose practice focuses specifically upon immigration issues. Even the accusation of an immigrant being here illegally could result in a deportation hearing. And that one hearing may be the only opportunity that immigrants are given to remain in the country.

Source: News Observer, "Dome: NC leaders urge congressional delegation to back immigration overhaul," Aug. 12, 2013