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August 2013 Archives

Interfaith event in Greensboro urges humane path to citizenship

The faithful from a variety of traditions recently held an interfaith vigil in Greensboro to press for comprehensive, humane reform of our nation’s broken immigration policies. The vigil, along with corresponding events in Durham and Goldsboro, urge leaders in both the North Carolina legislature and in Congress to work toward “moral immigration reform,” including the demilitarization of immigration enforcement and a rational path to U.S. citizenship for unauthorized immigrants.

Workers hurt when scaffolding collapses at North Carolina school

Scaffolding collapsed at a North Carolina high school on August 12th and this resulted in eight workers being injured. Due to the collapse it was reported that the injured workers fell 35 to 40 feet. Two of the workers needed to be airlifted to Mission Hospital.

North Carolina business leaders support immigration reform

Whatever one happens to think about the passage of immigration reform, the support of such measures is beginning to receive support from business leaders and both political parties. Just recently, a group of North Carolina business leaders and legislators sent a letter to Congress in support of overhauling the immigration system.

Asylum now available for Albanian women facing human trafficking

After a difficult transition from communist rule to a free-market, democratic member of the European Union, Albania can still be a dangerous place for vulnerable young women. Add to that a large number of people emigrating elsewhere, and the protections available to young single women can be further diminished to unacceptable levels.

Carbon monoxide exposure sickens 16, kills 1 at Macon County farm

A small farm in Franklin Township and first responders from around the area experienced a tragic accident on Friday. An unexplained carbon monoxide gas leak occurred in the farm’s refrigerated storage and packing plant, and ultimately 16 workers were sickened by exposure to the hazardous chemical and another was killed.

US begins normal family immigration process for same-sex spouses

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Friday that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has now begun processing spousal visa applications for gays and lesbians in the same way it handles family immigration involving heterosexual couples. The change, which Kerry announced during a diplomatic mission in London, comes as the result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling in US v. Windsor, the case that invalidated the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Family visa limits in reform bill trouble Asian American groups

"This is the most far-reaching, invasive and detrimental proposal for immigration reform on the Asian American community in at least the last four to six decades," according to former California state assemblyman Mike Eng, who is now an immigration attorney.

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