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July 2013 Archives

4th Circuit blocks South Carolina immigration discrimination law

Our neighbor to the south continues to have trouble enforcing its 2011 law that made it a crime for immigrants to go about their lives without carrying copies of their visas, green cards or citizenship documents, among other things. A federal trial court enjoined the state from enforcing the discriminatory immigration law in 2011, and the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has just upheld that injunction.

OSHA: nail guns cause more workplace injuries than any other tool

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, employers may be mistaking the balance between productivity gains and worker safety risks when it comes to construction equipment. According to the two safety agencies, nail guns send more people to the hospital with workplace injuries than any other construction tool.

Could US immigration law regarding Cuba be about to change?

Even as immigration reform makes its way through Congress, bilateral meetings were held this week between the United States and Cuba on resolving some long-term immigration issues between the two countries. Currently, U.S. immigration law, specifically the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1987, is enforced using what is often referred to as the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, meaning that Cuban immigrants who actually set foot on U.S. territory before being intercepted are allowed to stay, while those caught by either government while attempting to migrate are returned to Cuba.

Worker injured in North Myrtle Beach's 4th of July fireworks show

All jobs have some risk of injury, but fireworks technicians have to contend with a higher degree of danger because they’re working with explosives. That fact may have been driven home to you recently when a man was injured by a large shell which prematurely exploded about six minutes into North Myrtle Beach’s Independence Day fireworks show this year.

Protesters: sick woman unknowingly signed own 'voluntary' removal

If you’re living in North Carolina or anywhere in the U.S. as an unauthorized immigrant, you should know that you have legal rights. Even if you’re arrested for a direct violation of U.S. immigration law, such as using false paperwork in order to get a job, you can’t just be detained indefinitely or deported. There are specific legal processes the government is required to use before it can legally deport you, because everyone is entitled to the due process of law.

Revised Senate bill could cut illegal immigration in half

The Congressional Budget Office, after analyzing a newly revised Senate immigration reform bill, estimates that, if the provisions in the bill are implemented the country will see half as many unauthorized immigrants crossing our borders annually. This CBO review comes after analysis of a prior version of the bill, one that likely would have yielded only about a 25 percent reduction in unauthorized immigration.