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Report finds minors in adult detention centers for over 3 days

Imagine your son or daughter is in their early teens. On a Friday night, while out with friends, your 14-year-old gets into a little trouble -- nothing extremely serious, but certainly something that will require some attention because the police are involved.

How upset would you be if your son or daughter were locked up in an adult jail cell for the entire weekend?

It is probably safe to assume you would be outraged, as would any Greensboro parent. It would be a violation of your child's rights, and more than that, a breach of protocol and common decency. It is simply a terrifying hypothetical situation.

Sadly for many undocumented minors, this imaginary scenario is all too real -- and it has sparked a new immigration issue. According to a federal report, almost 1,400 undocumented minors were held in an adult detention center for more than three days during a four-year span (2008 to 2012). Federal rules allow an undocumented minor to be placed in an adult detention center; but only for a maximum of three days.

The negligence is clear to see; and in many cases, the centers were grossly negligent. For example, there were two children held at a center beyond three days who were not even 10 years old. There was also a handful of undocumented minors who were held for an absurd six month-span in adult detention centers.

It is despicable that these things continue to happen at detention centers, which are continually criticized for their shady tactics and overall negligent approach to holding undocumented individuals.

Source: Washington Bureau, "Minors detained at adults immigration facilities, report says," Brian Bennett, June 3, 2013