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Federal distractions may impact immigration reform

Washington politics are nothing if not confusing. Here in North Carolina and across the country, local and national news outlets have been vigorously reporting on possible national security leaks, diminishing confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder and possible scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service. With so many controversies cluttering the national political scene, individuals anxious to see how the government settles its immigration lawreform efforts are apprehensive that such reforms will even happen.

Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a leader of federal immigration law reform and member of the Senate's bipartisan Gang of Eight, has expressed optimism that the reform bill will be heard in the Senate soon. Noting that the goal is to have the bill introduced in early June and to have it voted on by the 4th of July, Schumer believes that interest in the bill has not been impacted by the many recent federal storms.

The road to United State's citizenship is a complicated process, and Schumer has acknowledged that he and other proponents of the immigration reform bill are willing to work with their Senate colleagues to amend the bill to improve it. Schumer also believes that if the Senate is able to pass the bill with a clear bipartisan majority, Republicans in the House of Representatives may be more willing to vote the bill into law.

If everything plays out according to Schumer's stated timeline, the Senate immigration reform bill may move from one body of the legislature to the other within weeks. Despite the many sensational stories that have recently come out of Washington, D.C., advocates for federal immigration reform may have a new law to address by the end of the summer.

Source: NBC Politics, "Schumer voices confidence in Holder and says immigration reform is on track," Tom Curry, June 2, 2013

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