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Bipartisan support growing for immigration procedures overhaul

When federal laws must be made or changed, a lot of work has to go into getting enough politicians to agree about how the new laws will be phrased. Bills important to our national budget, defense and well-being have failed many times before finally finding written formats that appease the interests of sufficient federal lawmakers. Like the federal lawmakers from the other 49 states, North Carolina's representatives and senators are often tasked with the challenging job of compromising on important national issues.

Lawmakers may be beginning to experience a breakthrough on the immigration reform front as a conservative Republican has recently provided her support to the proposed federal overhaul of nationalimmigration procedures. Kelly Ayotte, a senator from New Hampshire, recently voiced her support for the federal immigration bill and stated that the current immigration rules are broken and in need of help.

Ayotte supports the bipartisan origins of the immigration reform bill and endorses the bill's methods of allowing immigrants in the country to gain citizenship. Her support takes the bill one step closer to passing when the official vote comes around, though other Republicans in the Senate are less supportive of its efforts.

Rand Hall, a Republican senator from Kentucky, does not agree with Ayotte's assessment that immigrants in the United States should be allowed to gain citizenship without returning to their home countries and applying for such status there. He does not believe that there is enough bipartisan support in the House of Representatives for the bill to even successfully leave that legislative body and believes that the bill will need to be stronger in order to gain more Republican support.

As federal lawmakers continue to work out the details of the immigration reform bill, Americans will have to sit back and wait for the results. While new immigration rules will directly impact how people can gain citizenship and access to working in the United States, for the time being immigrants must continue to operate under the current rules as they are written.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Republican Kelly Ayotte backs Senate immigration reform bill," Katherine Skiba, June 9, 2013

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