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Social Security, economy could benefit from immigration bill

As many Greensboro residents are aware, there is a serious federal movement to improve the U.S. immigration system. The plan calls for a number of new laws that could allow undocumented immigrants to eventually become citizens. It may not necessarily be an easy path, but making that available to thousands of people who know nothing more than their life in the U.S. certainly could benefit both the individuals and the country.

The bill could also address things such as differed action and detention policies; which, currently, range from very strict, to improperly utilized, to downright negligent. While nothing is set quite yet, if the new immigration bill passes, it will represent a major revolution to the current system.

There are a couple of other benefits that this bill could have on the country, according to a study: with more people becoming citizens and many others authorized to work in the country under specialized statuses, both the economy and Social Security could see significant improvements. More people working means more tax dollars to fund a number of projects; while the workers themselves have money to spend.

At the same time, these new workers will also contribute to Social Security, a program that has been in recent decline. For example, more than 50 years ago, there was one person receiving Social Security benefits for roughly every five workers paying the taxes. That figure is now one for every 2.8 tax-paying workers; and in 2035, projections say there will be one beneficiary for every 1.9 tax-paying workers.

Source: Associated Press, "Immigration bill may boost Social Security, study finds," Erica Werner, May 9, 2013

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