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North Carolina rally supports keeping families together

Across North Carolina, Mother's Day gave families the opportunity to celebrate the gifts and sacrifices that their mothers have made for them. While some mothers were likely treated to brunch and flowers, others were given free time and a respite from chores to enjoy some peace and relaxation.

A group of Yadkinville mothers, however, bucked tradition and spent Mother's Day rallying support for immigration reform. Targeting U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, mothers from GetEQUAL NC and El Cambio came together to support family immigration issues, particularly those reforms that would allow families residing in the United States to stay together.

One mother who participated in the rally fears that she may be separated from her children because she is undocumented. She does not possess a driver's license but still drives in order to support her family. The mother stated that she feels the federal reform efforts are important so that she can work and take care of her family without fear.

More than 400,000 undocumented immigrants were deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement last year, and the threat of families being torn apart is very real. When one member of a family is undocumented and the rest have legal status in the country, deportation may mean that children will lose their mother or father. Participants in the rally targeted Senator Hagan in an attempt to influence her views on federal immigration initiatives and to bring hope to the undocumented community that fewer families will be separated through deportation.

Family immigration issues can impact how children are raised and how communities develop. As the federal government considers how to best address immigration laws for the country, undocumented mothers and fathers living in the United States must continue to hope that their statuses will not result in being separated from their sons and daughters.

Source: MyFox8, "NC groups rally for immigration reform for undocumented families," May 12, 2013

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