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May 2013 Archives

Immigration reform may impact NC farm laborers

North Carolina has a booming agricultural base that has helped bolstered the state's economy for many years. While farmers in the state count on successful crops to keep their farms operating into the future, the success of those farms is often driven by the hard-working men and women who labor on the land as employees of the farm owners.

Social Security, economy could benefit from immigration bill

As many Greensboro residents are aware, there is a serious federal movement to improve the U.S. immigration system. The plan calls for a number of new laws that could allow undocumented immigrants to eventually become citizens. It may not necessarily be an easy path, but making that available to thousands of people who know nothing more than their life in the U.S. certainly could benefit both the individuals and the country.

North Carolina rally supports keeping families together

Across North Carolina, Mother's Day gave families the opportunity to celebrate the gifts and sacrifices that their mothers have made for them. While some mothers were likely treated to brunch and flowers, others were given free time and a respite from chores to enjoy some peace and relaxation.

North Carolina professor speaks on immigration laws

Known for its world-renowned academic achievements, the North Carolina Research Triangle produces advancements in social and natural sciences through its exemplary universities. Although professors at local institutions are often recognized for their research work, they also contribute to the national dialogue on social issues, such as immigration laws. Their insights into how immigration reform may impact the future American workforce may be influential regarding proposed laws.

Tech businesses shaping immigration reform

At the state level here in North Carolina and at the federal level in Washington, D.C., special interest groups use their money and notoriety to influence the formation of new laws. Presently, immigration reform is a hot topic at both levels of government and diverse entities are weighing in on reform efforts that may modify the processes of family-based immigration and other citizenship-related laws.

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